The magic of early summer morning

Wake up to see how summer night turns into morning

Muhos, Finland
Available in Finnish, English and Swedish
2 hours 30 minutes
9 spots per experience
May - August
Regular price: 40 €
Children: 30 €

What are we going to do

We meet at 4.30 am and make a silent and calm excursion as the summer night turns into morning.

We walk on forest paths and duckboards on swamp areas. We listen to all the sounds around us. We enjoy the beauty of nature; plants, insects, birds and views in the warm colored early morning light. We inhale the fresh air. We can take pictures of the nature and taste some herbs or berries growing by our route.

During our trip we stop to have some morning coffee or tea and breakfast by campfire.

The speciality of this excursion is the magic of nature at early hours. Everything is different from during daylight.

This excursion takes place at Tervareitistö-nature route in Muhos. There are several possibilities, where to go by the route. You can tell your wishes for the trip and we can choose the best route for it.

The trip includes guiding on the route. Introduction of the herbs or berries, we can taste during the trip. Tea or coffee and sandwich on breakfast.


About Marjikko - the Doer

Hey! I am Anna, a guide to Marjikko excursions.

My home region Ouluriver-valley has many diverse and beautiful natural sites: rapids, trails, berry bogs, old forests. Nature’s treasures can be found right here and I think THAT is awesome.

I am currently studying the nature-based services: collecting and processing natural products and working as a bird and nature guide. I am excited to be able to introduce this wonderful area to others as well.

As a guide, I’m still a novice, so everything is new and amazing for me too. Welcome aboard to experience the local wonders: tastes of the natural products and to be enchanted by the beauty of nature.


Footwear suitable for off-road use. Clothing suitable for day's weather. There may be many mosquitoes, so it is good to have a hat or scarf to protect your head.

Bring your own water bottle at least in warm weather. You can take sandwiches, fruit, sausage etc food for yourself to have by the campfire.

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