Paddling in Oulujoki

Paddling / canoening in Oulujoki

Muhos, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
2 hours
15 spots per experience
May - September

What are we going to do

Rent a kayak or canoe and enjoy Oulujoki from the river side

Exam. prices
* kayak 15 € / 2 h / person or 35 € / day
* canoe 20 € / 2 h tai 40 € / day
* SUP-board 20 € / 2 h / person or 45 € / day
* TeamSup-board 60 € / h + extra hours 30 € / h or 180 € / day
* Kayaking -course 50 € / person


About Geo-x-on - the Doer

Here's a little fact about us
- Päivi and Peki Metsola, couple
- We are adventure and environmental educators as well as kayaking and climbing instructors
- Päivi is also a nature instructor and community educator
- Peki is a multifunctional man who takes care of construction and repair work

Peki started his kayaking hobby more than 40 years ago when he bought his first kayak. Päivi became acquainted with the sport during her studies in the 1990s. There have been quite a few kilometers of paddling both in Finland and abroad.

We have been providing program services and kayaking in the metropolitan area for over 20 years. For more than 10 years now, we have also been operating at the Montta camping site in Muhos. We also have a rental shop Happy beach 2.0, in Oulujärvi, Säräisniemi harbor

Nature and adventure sports have taken us years ago, let it take you too :)


Kids under 18 years should have an adult with them. That adult dont´t need to go to the water but she / he is responsible for youngsters in water.

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