Running rapids and whispering forests of Isterinkoski

Walking along a rapid admiring the details of forest nature

Muhos, Finland
Available in Finnish, English and Swedish
2 hours 30 minutes
9 spots per experience
February - December
Regular price: 40 €
Children: 30 €

What are we going to do

We walk together on a forest path along Poikajoki-river and the Isterinkoski-rapid. The path follows the river in various environments. We see many details of the river, rapids, geological shapes and the plants of taiga- and broad leaf forests. You will hear about the history of the area; how the nature has shaped to the way it is. We will see different plants, birds and possible other animals living on the area.

We will have a snack break by the rapid. We can make a fire if wanted and if allowed by fire regulations. The price includes tea or coffee and a bisquit. You can bring more food (sandwiches, fruit, sausage..) for yourself if you want.


About Marjikko - the Doer

Hey! I am Anna, a guide to Marjikko excursions.
My home region Ouluriver-valley has many diverse and beautiful natural sites: rapids, trails, berry bogs, old forests. Nature’s treasures can be found right here and I think THAT is awesome.
I am currently studying the nature-based services: collecting and processing natural products and working as a bird and nature guide. I am excited to be able to introduce this wonderful area to others as well.

As a guide, I’m still a novice, so everything is new and amazing for me too. Welcome aboard to experience the local wonders: tastes of the natural products and to be enchanted by the beauty of nature.


Clothing suitable for the terrain. Good footwear and weatherproof jacket & pants.
The terrain we walk is slightly demanding. The route we walk is about 5 km.
Your own accident insurance must be valid.
Water bottle at least in warm weather.
You can take snack for yourself; fruit, sandwich, sausage to have by the fire etc.

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