The Best Local Experiences in Moers

Are you planning a trip to Moers? Doerz offers the best experiences and great individual adventures for your city trip in beautiful Moers. With Doerz you will get to know the hot spots, of course, but also discover the authentic region off the beaten track. Our local guides know the hidden beauties of the city and many insider tips. Make the most of your stay – with Doerz you can find fun and interesting activities in Moers. How about an e-bike tour, for example, to discover many sights, unique nature experiences and many beautiful corners of Moers on great cycling routes.

Moers, a city of about 104,000 inhabitants in the Ruhr area in western Germany is a popular travel destination in the region. With Doerz, meeting locals in Moers is easy and you’ll find enthusiastic local guides who will gladly present their hometown to travellers. The city offers a vast range of shopping possibilities, a lovely old town filled with restaurants and pubs as well as a beautiful castle park right next to the city center.The combination of (industry) culture, family attractions and entertainment possibilities both in- and outdoors make Moers an appealing destination for families, couples, friends and groups. The most well-known tourist attraction in Moers is surely the Castle of Moers with its beautiful castle park, its lovely rose garden and the Grafschafter Museum right next to the castle. The permanent exhibition as well as the special exhibitions in the castle are also worth a visit. The beautiful historic old town offers an unforgettable shopping experience in a historical setting. You can also admire contemporary art at the Peschkenhaus, the city’s oldest townhouse that is now a gallery. Another great attraction is the Geleucht, an old mining lamp on the summit of the Rheinpreußen spoil tip, from where you can look far into the Ruhr region and deep in the Lower Rhine. The landmark is a national tribute to the mining tradition. The historic old mill, Aumühle, which is one of the oldest preserved buildings in the city, is also worth a visit. Bread is baked here according to the old tradition.

In addition to these amazing attractions, Doerz also offers many unforgettable experiences that go beyond the biggest tourist attractions. We recommend that you check out the lively cultural life, unique architecture and various sports that Moers offers. You’ll make the most out of your visit by meeting locals.

Live like a local in Moers

Moers attracts travellers from all over the world. Moers offers the perfect combination of intriguing history, amazing architecture and lively culture. The hidden gems of Moers can only be found when a local shares their secrets with you.

Browse through our Moers experiences and choose your own favourites. We have a range of local experiences suitable for different kinds of travellers. We are sure you will find the perfect travel experiences for your holiday in Moers, whether you are a solo traveller, planning a romantic holiday, or travelling to Moers with friends or family.

What is the best time to travel to Moers?

Moers is a wonderful destination for any time of the year. The temperatures are at their best in spring and autumn. Don't miss the traditional Moers Festival ( in the springtime – this 50-year-old festival brings music all around the city. A good time to visit Moers is of course also summer, when life takes place outside and there are particularly many cultural events. Another event worth seeing is the biggest "Kirmes" in the Niederrhein region, a fun fair for the whole family. However, Moers and Germany are worth seeing at any time of the year. In winter you can enjoy the Christmas lights, excellent shopping possibilities and a well-filled concert and event calendar as well as a visit to the atmospheric Christmas market around the Moers Castle.

Each season is different and has something unique to offer in Moers. The busiest periods in Germany are the summer months until late August and September, and around Christmas and New Year. In addition to transportation and accommodation we recommend booking your local experiences early.

Moers with children

What to do when travelling to Moers with kids? There are many unforgettable experiences to enjoy with your family, like visiting Parkfest, a festival for the whole family, or a visit to the Grafschafter Musenhof, which is a medieval play and education theme park for children. Another great place to visit with kids is the bare-foot path in the Jungbornpark. Also the petting zoo in the park is equally lovely for both parents and children. For those who want more action, we recommend the trampoline hall "Superfly”. In summer we recommend visiting our natural outdoor pool or the Solimare Waterpark with its large spray park and slides. Authentic experiences are the highlights of your family holiday in Germany and Moers and will be remembered fondly.

Memorable travel experiences don’t need to be expensive. With our local guides we offer affordable activities to do in Moers. When you book any activity, remember to ask your local guide for insider tips! Our guides are more than happy to share their Moers knowledge with you, and give you tips about child-friendly activities you can explore for a very small fee or completely free of charge, like visiting one of the 130 well maintained playgrounds and kickabout areas Moers offers. A family holiday in Moers can be surprisingly affordable!

Romantic holiday in Moers

Looking for romantic activities in Moers? How about one of our exclusive candle light dinners or a romantic night in one of our high-quality hotels, like the Hotel zur Linde or the Moers Hotel van der Valk? Moers has many to offer. Our experienced guides know the area thoroughly and can show you the best places for spending quality time and admiring the breathtaking scenery with your loved one.

Authentic Moers experiences

If you want to explore something original and genuinely local, take a look at our local experiences listed below. When you find your favourites, make sure to book them right away. All the Doerz’s service providers are experienced locals who know their home area like the back of their hands. With their local knowledge, you will get to know all the best experiences and hidden gems of Moers. Many of our guides may even invite you to visit their homes. We recommend booking your experiences in good time before your holiday. If you can’t book your experiences in advance, don’t worry. Last-minute reservations will work out too, and you can even book your Doerz experience on the spot. Please take notice that many of our experiences are organised on demand, and they are available for booking also when there is no specified date in the introduction.

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