Spin with sheep

Spin wool to yarn with a spindle or a spinning wheel

Available in Finnish, English and German
3 hours
6 spots per experience

What are we going to do

Learn to spin your own yarn with a spindle or a spinning wheel. You learn to know the finish sheep breeds and all the great features of wool. If you have a car to use and you can come here, we spin in the farmyard, in the stable or inside the house if it is cold. You meet also the donkey, pony, horses, goats and the dog of the farm. Coffee/tee and cookie included. If you want to be in Turku, we can spin in a park somewhere.

About Huovuksissa - the Doer

I'm artisan of ancient techniques and just crazy about it's great features. Spinning is like magic, how the fluff wool turns into beautiful and lasting yarn.


Participants min 3 persons.




Kiitos! Oli oikein hyödyllistä ja mukavaa!