Try Driving a Horse & Carriage!

Let's harness and drive a horse together!

Available in Finnish and English
2 hours
2 spots per experience
Regular price: 50 €
Children: 45 €

What are we going to do

I will teach you to harness and drive a well-behaving Finnhorse. I am not offering a passive driving tour, but instead you can learn driving safely by trying it yourself. There are places for 3 persons in our carriage, so the instructor is with you all the time. We drive in a driving track and/or riding course/hall. It takes about 1 hour to harness and groom the horse before and after the drive, and we will drive about 1 hour. If there are 2 persons attending, we will share the driving shifts, but both participants and the instructor are in the carriage the whole time. We have four-wheeled and two-wheeled carriages, of which we select based on the wish of the customer and the weather.

The horse is located in Masku, a small town 17 km from Turku. The stable is possible to reach by bus. I can also give a lift to the stables from Turku center (15 minutes).

About Oona - the Doer

I find spending time with horses very relaxing and want to offer that possibility to other people as well. By profession I am a teacher, so sharing know-how is familiar to me.


The horse has an insurance which covers material and physical damages caused by it for the participants. We do not have accident insurance for the participants.