Exploring Croix Rousse: now and then

Go for a stroll in Croix Rousse

Available in English, German and French
3 hours
1 spots per experience

What are we going to do

I am going to show you my favourite quarter of Lyon: Croix Rousse. We are going to walk uphill, climb its stairs, cross its traboules and visit inner courtyards where the weavers met to prepare their revolt in the past. At the same time we are going to experience the special atmosphere that reigns in its streets, places and bars nowadays. I will show you where people meet, where you can have a nice drink, a good tea or coffee. If we meet in the morning, we will stroll over the food market

About Christina - the Doer

I am passionate about getting to know people and share with them all the beautiful places one
can find in here - I can spend hours walking around in Lyon and admire its beauty.


As it might be quite warm and we will walk uphill, do not forget to bring a bottle of water for you.