Gay Soho: Past, Present & Personalised

Take a walk around London's Soho with a local expert!

London, United Kingdom
Available in Finnish and English
2 hours 30 minutes
20 spots per experience

What are we going to do

Relive Soho's history - from it's humble beginnings, it's colourful immigrant roots, the bohemian post-war years, through to it's role today as the heart of the UK's creative, media and LGBT communities.

Not a tour for the faint-hearted! Sex, drugs and prostitution feature prominently, all brought to life through true stories of the famous, little-known, unfortunate - or even crazy - people who have helped create, transform, build and shock Soho throughout the centuries.

From vibrant nightlife hotspots (some of which I've worked or performed in!), to secret alleyways, iconic gay venues, historic pubs, forgotten mansions and infamous brothels... you'll experience the Soho that few tourists ever see... with someone who's seen it all!

About Ville - the Doer

Your host truly knows his stuff! I'm a qualified London Blue Badge Guide, with years of experience leading tours throughout the UK and an intimate knowledge of London and its history. And now for the fun bit... I've spent more than 20 years in the entertainment and hospitality industries, having worked and performed in some of Soho's most famous venues. From Go-Go dancing at Heaven, London's most famous gay club, to winning the British Pole Dancing Championship, my unique tours are brought to life with behind-the-scenes stories from my first-hand experiences.