Finnish traditional sauna and local food

Finnish traditional sauna evening in countryside

Liminka, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
3 hours
40 spots per experience

What are we going to do

The ‘Pitojen Helmi’ Northern Ostrobothnian manor house offers a
traditional Finnish sauna evening in the peace of the countryside less
than half an hour from Oulu. In Finland, a sauna is a traditional place
of cleansing and relaxation; saunas even served as a birthing location
in bygone days. The sauna has a particularly important role in social

The Finnish sauna evening begins with a word of welcome and a short
description of the history of the building. Wood-heated, gently steaming
saunas and a heated outdoor tub await bathers. Finally, a tasty supper
in a cosy sauna chamber crowns the evening. You can also play darts and
a variety of board games in the sauna facilities!

Distance 20 minutes from Oulu on highway 4 (Valtatie 4) to the south; 25
minutes from the airport
Facilities: Two wood-burning, ten-person saunas in the sauna building.
The room adjacent to the sauna is also suitable for small group

Supper: Groat sausage and ordinary sausage, house potato salad, green
salad and house green salad, barley bread and rye bread, butter and
low-fat spread. Drinks include home-brewed beer, milk, water, juice, and
mineral water. Dessert includes coffee, tea, and house forest berry pie
with vanilla sauce.

At your request, we can also arrange a guided tour of our home museum in
the manor’s oldest building, which was originally a smoke house in the

About Pitojen Helmi - the Doer

The roots of the Pietilä farm in Liminka, Ala-Temmes, reach to the 18th century. The farm were once a Guesthouse, which served passing horsemen, offering them food and lodging. Later, the farm has also had a shop serving the villagers, which ceased operations in the 1940s. The farm has been agricultural since the beginning for more than 200 years. The current host couple is the 7th generation of the Pietilä farm. The farm has continued to operate in its current form since 1991, when farm tourism and food service activities were established on the farm. The farm utilizes nearby ingredients and local food. Our service extends from catering to family parties as well as conference and recreation days.


Minimun 10 adults.

Wearing a swimsuit or a towel is allowed in the sauna. Towels for the sauna are provided by us.

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