Light-up with fire

Experience with firebreathing and fire-eating

Turku, Finland with Toni

Finnish, English

1 hour

30 spots per experience

About the Doer

I have always liked to do things little differently. I got opportunity to learn the skill of firebreathing in 2005 Medieval Markets in Turku, so since then the fire demon has been inside of me trying to get out, until now it has managed to get out by little fireballs one by one....

What are we going to do?

Let me light up your parties or birthdays etc. with fire show. I will do an fire-eating and firebreathing show customised to your needs. Before show I always come to check place where you wish to have the show for safety and we can also talk over what kind of show you wish etc.
I can make the show with a story if you wish, show last about 10-15 min.


Open space, buildings or trees can't be too close.
I always check the place before the show.

Safety first, so: If it's too windy, rainy or other weather condition that makes show difficult or too dangerous, I will call it off. Always! And that's my decision always.