Kayak adventure

Jump into a kayak and experience a pure wildlife adventure

Lieviskänjoki, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
72 hours
8 spots per experience
May - October

What are we going to do

Are you interested in the clear water of a flowing river, an adventure in untouched clean nature, a taste experience of Saimaa's delicacies and relaxing early summer evenings? During the canoeing route, you will experience narrow river sections, winding lake capes, and deep lakes. Along the route, the beaches are safely close. During the trip, the guides take good care of you and create a safe and warm atmosphere from start to finish.

The trip starts from the Discover Saimaa river kayaking point on the shore of Pienen Jukajärvi. The atmosphere of Lieviskänjoki is almost speechless. The bends of the gently flowing river arouse interest in a mystical way. On Mikonpolvi's porch, we make a fire and enjoy a delicious packed lunch.

Lieviskänkoski has a short kayak-carrying section on the other side of the rapids, from where the journey continues to Lieviskänjärvi. On the shore of Lieviskänjärvi in ​​Reposenniemi, the couple of the house welcomes us and a warm sauna and dinner crown the day of kayaking. You will enjoy a delicious local food dinner. We will spend the night on the shore of Saimaa in a barn accommodation.

The next day's kayaking trip will take you to the wonderful nature reserve of Saimaa's Katosselä, where you might be able to see the Saimaa norpa. Along the way, we admire rock cliffs and the beauty of nature and rock paintings. We take a break on the island, where we enjoy beach fish prepared over a campfire.

The length of the trip is approximately 10-12 km/day.

Level of difficulty: The ability to swim is essential. Going on a trip makes more sense when you have paddled before and have the basics in hand. Beginners can participate in a two-person kayak/canoe. We can also organize a private paddling course before the paddling trip. Ask more about the courses at info@discoversaimaa.fi

We prepare you in the best possible way for a kayaking trip. We will send you an exact packing list, where we go through the items needed for the kayaking trip. We provide information and tips related to paddling, eating and clothing, so that you feel as safe and confident as possible about going on a paddling trip of several days.

The price of the trip includes:

- kayaking guide for two days
- accommodation
- breakfast
- batch lunch
- dinner
- use of the kayak during the excursion
- all equipment needed for kayaking, such as life jackets, paddle and hole cover
- beach sauna
- a guided moment with rock paintings

Book your place NOW for the wonderful fall fall hike. Dates are 30 September - 1 October 2023, Sat-Sun. You can also ask for a private trip for your group at a convenient time.

Take contact:

☎️ 041 313 6868

About Discover Saimaa - the Doer

Discover Saimaa operates from Imatra in the area of ​​southern Saimaa. Discover Saimaa is a 100% Finnish company. Discover Saimaa organizes tours and events, and offers services. We organize nature experience trips, bicycle trips, canoeing trips, cultural cycling, etc. In the fall, we also organize mushroom and berry picking trips, and in the winter you can find us involved in snow activities.

Our "office" is in nature by Saimaa. Nature is Finland's largest outdoor recreation area, which is open to all of us all year round. Nature produces strength and energy, which gives us well-being and open-mindedness in our lives.

We implement a responsible and sustainable tourism service in nature tourism. We operate in an environmentally responsible manner and are aware of the effects of our own activities on the environment. We strive to control the environmental impact and to spread awareness about it to others as well. We listen to our customers with a "sensitive ear" and fulfill their wishes as much as possible. We recommend asking about customized tours and events, because your wish will probably come true!

You are warmly welcome to share the experiences offered by Discover Saimaa with us.


Level of difficulty: Swimming skills necessary. Previous kayaking experience is recommended and thus going on a trip makes more sense when you already have the basics.

The kayaks in use are single and double kayaks.

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