Kajaking in beautiful landscape

Exploring lakes and rivers by kajak/canoe

Lieksa, Finland
Available in English, German and French
5 hours
6 spots per experience
June - September
Regular price: 90 €
Children: 90 €

What are we going to do

We load the canoes/kajaks on our trailer and drive about 20 km to the Lake Nyytilampi. We paddle across this little lake and reach the river Hähnijoki soon, with its first passage with current, sandy parts and rocks just below the water line. All the way following the river Hähnijoki is very diversified. Narrow parts with current, wide areas similar to lakes, often we have to paddle around trees that have fallen across the river and blocking our way. The river is always searching for a new way and looks different every time we paddle there. We have a break with picknick-lunch during the day and enjoy the silence. Where Hähnijoki has its end and flows into River Jongunjoki, we end our trip. After around 16 km we load the canoes back on the trailer at Viitakoski and get a car-transfer back to Eräkeskus.

About Eräkeskus - the Doer

We run our kennels since 18 years in the same place. We love nature, we love our dogs, work with them, ride a team of sleddogs in winter time, take them to the dog-pool in summertime - and we love to share this passion with you! And yes, all our dogs have names and not just numbers, they are part of the family! Welcome at the starting point of your trip: our huskyfarm named Eräkeskus!


You should love being part of the nature and maybe you also enjoy silence and water..:-)




very cool experience, dogs are lovely, guides are patient, trails are very nice! Loved especially the parts on the lake, as that was most relaxing! In the forest it is more challenging with ups & downs, soft parts, trees etc. Great adventure!

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