relaxing yoga retreat at countryside

Lappfjärd, Finland
Available in Finnish
50 hours
15 spots per experience

What are we going to do

A yoga retreat at the sweet Wanha Tupa (old cottage) Tue-Thu 11.7-13.7

Do you also love old houses, the sound of the sea and stories?
In that case, I invite you with me to Lappvärt! Along the winding village road of the small village is Wanha Tupa, which offers us a place to stay and a harmonious space for yoga practice. In the mornings, we eat breakfast in an atmospheric hut at a long table. Time seems to stop there and it's easy to start a summer day with yoga exercises from a state of smooth presence. This retreat includes soft moving yoga and also relaxing exercises. We focus on flexibility of body and mind, explore asanas with curiosity and I am sure we will share and create wonderful stories together. We visit the Carlsro museum and meditate by the sea. Suitable for when you really want to rest and refresh. You are warmly welcome!

About Minni - the Doer

I'm Minni, mother of five young children, clothing designer and eternal optimist. The time I spent on the yoga mat has offered me precious moments of calmness, just like nature; observing the silence of the forest, the grain swaying in the wind or the flow of water. Galloping thoughts have calmed down and I have learned to enjoy the silence and the views offered by yoga practice into myself and humanity and MOMENTS. I like to combine elements of nature with the themes of the lessons. My students have told me that it is nice to listen to my stories and my low, calm voice in my classes. I have practiced yoga for nine years and studied to become a yoga instructor at the Yarnanta yoga school in Jyväskylä.
The retreat is a great opportunity to experience the layers of time, get to know fellow yogis - and above all, yourself. We open the body, mind and heart with the gentle methods of yoga. You can join even if you have no previous experience in yoga, you can practice yoga in peace at your own pace.


You are welcome to join even if you have no previous experience with yoga.

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