Mannerheim dinner

Get to know Mannerheim and the Knights of the Mannerheim Cro

Lappeenranta, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
2 hours 30 minutes
100 spots per experience

What are we going to do

Program and menu

- The bar is open from 17:00
- Welcome cup, Calvet Crémant Bordeaux 2018 or Louhisaari drink 12 cl /
Hannu Hyppönen
- Knights Tour, Mannerheim Knights of the Cross at the Officers' Club / Timo
- While dining, stories about Mannerheim

Seljankaa à la Mannerheim G, L
- Fish and vegetables in a tasty broth, served with tarragon,
with pickles, capers and soap cream
- Le Cardinal Cristal 12 cl

Marskin better vorschmack G, L
- Overcooked, spicy beef & lamb roast, baked potatoes and
side dishes
- Le Cardinal Merlot - Cabernet Sauvignon 12 cl

Chocolate cake and Romanov strawberries G, L
- chocolate cake with orange liqueur, marinated fresh strawberries,
whipped cream
- Graham's Fine Ruby Port or Feiler-Artinger Beerenauslese 2017 8 cl
- Coffee, Brewed Tea, Sliced ​​Cognac or Bache -Gabrielsen Finland 100
Cognac 4 cl

Cutlery Table silver from the Uusimaa Rakuu Regiment, each with a story

Price 62.50 € / person + Marski's drink 4 cl, 6.00 €.

Group size: minimum 10

Additional information: Hannu Hyppönen, President and CEO, +358 40 657 3495

About Ravintola Lappeenrannan Upseerikerho - the Doer

We offer customers experiences in an important company to remember. We want to be one of the best restaurants in Lappeenranta and one of Finland's best-known Officers' Clubs.

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