Homemade Karelian pies workshop

Tasty baking moment

Lappeenranta, Finland
Available in Finnish, English and Russian
2 hours
2 spots per experience
February - May
Regular price: 40 €
Children: 15 €

What are we going to do

Karelian pies are one of the most delicious delicacies of Karelian cuisine!
Warmly welcome to our home!
You will learn how to prepare delicious handmade Karelian pies (karjalanpiirakka) in a simple and funny way. I will show you step by step how to crinkle (rypyttää) these simple yet tasty Finnish delicacies and its okay that we all have our own unique style.
We will have Finnish music in the background while we´re cooking and learning, to ensure that all our senses are impregnated with the essence of Finland.

Once the Karelian pies are ready, we will enjoy them on the spot or outdoors with a hot or cold drink and of course, there will be some left to bring back home!

About Nona - the Doer


Hello! I´m Nona, 35 years old tourism student and I live with my family in Lappeenranta. My roots are from Georgia and I've been living in Finland for 25 years. I love Finnish nature, culture, history and freedom. I’m very proud of clean Finnish nature and naturally nutrient rich food.

Food has always provided a way for travelers to connect with local cultures. I want to share my knowledge with you so you can cook and eat Karelian pies whenever you want to and wherever you are. You'll have a lot of fun as you learn and you'll take with you an important piece of our culture!


Nona makes most delicous Karelian pies with good sense of humour and fun attitude. I recommend Nonas traditional and atmospheric experiences.
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