Horse sleigh ride in the fell Lapland

Explore the relaxing one horse open sleigh ride

Available in Finnish and English
1 hour
3 spots per experience
December - April

What are we going to do

Our winter program in the traditional Finn horse's open sleigh is a great way to relax in the beautiful snowy landscape. This is very eco- friendly and easy way to reach the surrounding gorgeous nature.
Our place is in Torassieppi traditional village. Earlier there were horses in every family and in winter time the families used to ride the horse sleigh to get to the places. We wanna continue that tradition and keep going the open horse sleigh rides.

About Tunturiratsut - the Doer

My story to become the runner of the horse riding company "Tunturiratsut" in Finnish Lapland started about 20 years ago when I mounted to the horseback for the very first time in my hometown Kuopio.
There have been hundreds of horses, thousands of hours on the saddle and limitless time spent just hanging out in the stable. I have been practising dressage and show jumping riding, competed also and later my job was more and more to teach the young riders and competitive ones. I love to train the young horses and riders because there is very easy the see the development.
My roots are from Lapland and when I graduated from high school I decided to move back to my roots. I started to study in arctic wilderness guide school in Muonio and graduated in 2015. After that I wanted to get the papers out from the horse economy school and already in the next summer in 2016 graduated from there. In 2017 things fell into places and we started to operate in the premises of Harriniva Oy in Muonio.

My passions Lapland, nature, wilderness, hiking and horses are perfectly combining now when I work as the entrepreneur of the horse trekking company. Horses are beautiful and powerfull animals and they have their own will. It's a great feeling when you can cooperative with the animal like that in the surrounding gorgeous nature. Those moment are very relaxing and memorable so I want to share them to explore also by the other people. You will forget all the hurry and stress. It's great way to take a break from the daily routines.


Remember to wear on warm winter clothes.