Rejuvenating walks in Ounasvaara hill in Rovaniemi

Join me and my dog Unna on an easy-going walk in the forest.

Available in Finnish, English and German
1.5 hours
4 spots per experience
May - October
15€ / person
10€ / children
10€ / students

What are we going to do

Let's head out into the beautiful forest and recreation area Ounasvaara in Rovaniemi!

Ounasvaara is the most beloved outdoors destination by the locals. It is located near my home and me and Unna go there for our daily walks. We love the walks along the sandy roads and nature trails. I invite you to join us!

The time spend in the forest is your time to relax, to let go, just admire the nature as it is. Enjoy the clean nature and fresh air.

In 1,5 hrs we will make a route of appr. 3 km.

About Marja - the Doer

I love being outdoors. Being in the nature is my time to relax and enjoy. There you just forget the time and enjoy the nature as it is, no matter if the sun is shining or it's raining.

My dog Unna is a friendly and well-behaving 8-years-old Gordon setter and will surely give you a lick or two if you like to.


You will need proper shoes for walking in the forest and sometimes slippery rocks and a suitable clothing for the present weather conditions. But otherwise you do not need any special outdoors equipment. We take it easy, but, Ounasvaara is a hill, so you might get some heat on the uphills.