Arctic experience with Huskies, reindeer and snowmobile sledges

Experience the arctic animals

Available in Finnish, English, Swedish, German, Estonian and Russian
3 hours
20 spots per experience

What are we going to do

Be prepared for a wonderful experience meeting the huskies and the reindeer. You will have a 500 m ride with huskies, a 300m ride with reindeer and 1 km drive in a snowmobile sledge. Experience the winter magic and ice sculptures in Elves Hideaway. After the rides and experiences you will enjoy warm drinks by a fire in a traditional Lappish kota and heart the story fo the year of the reindeer. You will also get to visit Elves Hideaway to bake gingerbread cookies in a gingerbread house, make Christmas decorations in Elfs' school and visit Wise Elfs' house.

This experience is available daily starting from 10 am. You don't have to arrive at 10 am, but we recommend you to arrive at 3 pm at latest to have enough time for all the activities.

About YT - the Doer

Elves Hideaway is situated in Levi, Köngäs village. It only takes 20 minutes to drive from the Kittilä airport to Köngäs and it´s very easy to find when you coming with your own car. Accommodation, meetings and events can be arranged in the main house. The courtyard offers wide selection of activities to combine to your stay. This place is perfect for groups, families and for You, if you want to experience something different.

Elves hideaway is an attractive destination based on stories, fantasy, culture and mythology of Lapland. It doesn't compete with traditional amusement parks. There are two strong traveling trends in Elves hideaway: nature and culture. It will be open all year round and it invites travellers from all continents, both adults and children.