Winter swimming and sauna

Escape the crowds to have a real sauna experience

With Awesome

Lapland, Finland

Available in Finnish and English

2 hours

4 spots per experience

What are we going to do

Come to Lapland and experience a true Finnish tradition. Enjoy the quietness of Finnish nature in a peaceful landscape where both body and mind can rest. What could be a better way to take a swim in a icy lake than after a hot private sauna. Imagine the extreme heat in a sauna where your body heats up just to be soon cooled down in a icy lake, then repeat as many times as you want. You will feel relaxed after and relieve all your stress.

The sauna is located at a private cottage next to a lake. We will let you know the exact location after booking.

Price includes Lapland stories, swimming, sauna (with towels & shampoo) and some snacks.

There is no age limit for winter swimming and you only need to be in normal physical condition to enjoy and try this sport.

This one is exclusively to your group. It will give you an authentic story to tell from your trip to Lapland. Send us an offer request with time and date, we will let you know the exact price and availability.

About Awesome - the Doer

Winter swimming and sauna are an old natural way to stay healthy. We, a small group of locals, want to share this amazing tradition with people who want to experience something extreme and relaxing at the same time.


bring your own sauna beer. We recommend locals brews. No need for swim suit.