Easy cooking class + Delicious Dinner

Learn how to cook traditional Lappish meal

Lapland, Finland (Rovaniemi)
Available in English and Russian
3 hours
4 spots per experience
Regular price: 140 €
Children: 60 €

What are we going to do

During this experience we will teach you how to cook traditional and delicious local recopies, which you will be able to enjoy later on, in a dinner setting. The cooking class is definitely beginner-friendly, as we will do everything together.
You will learn more about Lappish cuisine and, while the food will be cooking, you will be enjoy a starter platter prepared by me. No dinner is complete without a dessert! We will make sure your sweet tooth is pleased and tummy - full!

About Food Tours Rovaniemi - the Doer

I am a working local restaurant chef, who is passionate about natural flavours, authentic dishes and culinary traditions from all over the world. I believe that Lappish cuisine has the potential to become a culinary destination for guest from all over the world! I want my guests to taste authentic Finnish food - something what locals eat daily, something that can be found in every Finnish kitchen. During my 10 years of experience in hospitality industry, I have learned the importance of authentic experiences through food. That is exactly what I aim to host.


Please tell if you have any food allergies!




We really enjoyed the cooking class! The ladies were super nice and the food was awesome, would definitely recommend it.