Christmas in Countryside

Join to the Christmas traditions in Finnish countryside!

Available in Finnish and English
5 hours
8 spots per experience
140€ / person
105€ / children

What are we going to do

Take a glimpse into the Christmas traditions in Finnish countryside. You will meet real local sheep farm family and the animals of the farm. You are introduced to local history in home museum with stories and get to see over hundred years old traditional southern Lapland family house in Christmas decorations. We bake some ginger bread cookies or do small wool handcraft. We can even sing Christmas songs together, taste Christmas cookies and juice.

About Arctic Emotions - the Doer

The northern nature and the communities found within this area mean the world to us. As such, our activities seek to provide the highest degree of respect and good stewardship for our nature surroundings; ensuring the proper preservation and wellbeing of these gentle fragile ecosystems. Essentially, when they are doing alright, we do alright, too. Our excursions take us to genuine and authentic places throughout the area - to places whose stories, people and northern everyday lives form an essential part of the entire experience.

We will not run or rush anything – nor do we expect you to. Relaxation, openness, and experiencing feelings and settings that are deeper than just the surface depict everything that we do and what we are about.


Winter clothing




I had a fantastic time outdoors with Paulina. Nice hike, warm fire and delicious snacks in great company. Thanks Paulina!