Arctic ice fishing with a local

Experience fun of Ice fishing with a local

Available in Finnish and English
2.5 hours
4 spots per experience
55€ / person
40€ / children
45€ / students

What are we going to do

Experience the number one winter activity in Lapland with a local and try out your luck in ice fishing! Ice fishing is very traditional and popular hobby here in Lapland, one could say that its a must do when visiting.
We will go to a lake or a river and do the ice fishing there. Getting fish is partly about skill, partly about luck, so there is no guarantee for a catch. However like we say here in Finland, it's not about the catch, it's all about the feeling.

Includes: guiding, ice-fishing gear and hot drinks

About Matti - the Doer

I'm local student and wilderness guide. I have lived here in the arctic-circle for my whole life and I've done different outdoor activities since I was a small child. I'd love to share my passion for nature and outdoor life with different people.


winter clothing



Although we did not catch any, it was fun to try something traditionally Lappish 😊 Matti is very friendly, enjoyable company. Thank you
Matti is a good friend of mine and a very openminded and active person. He has a lot of experience in outdoor activities and will surely be good company for you.
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Matti is a professional safari quide at Safarctica and a true local. He's been living in Lapland his whole life and knows all about it. Truly a great quide for all occasions.
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