GPS-Treasure Hunt trough the landscape park Duisburg-North

varied fun for families with children and for adults 🕵

Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord, Germany
Available in English, German and French
2 hours 30 minutes
30 spots per experience

What are we going to do

Where the iron once flowed through the plant's casting halls, modern technology is now used to search for hidden treasures. The combination of searching for locations using GPS coordinates and solving sometimes tricky tasks makes this expedition through the old steelworks fun for families with children and adults alike.

Whether you explore the route with your own GPS device or with our rental devices is up to you. When ordering, you can choose between three road books with different levels of difficulty, depending on how old the treasure hunters are.

When you start your adventure is up to you: You can pick up the road book at the visitor center during opening hours. The reward is definitely a treasure that has something to do with the landscape park and the iron and steel works.

Choose from 3 different routes / levels of difficulty:
Yellow route suitable for ages 6 and up
Blue route suitable for ages 12 and up
Red route from 17 years / adults

Duration: 2-3h
Foreign language surcharge € 5.00 (English / French / Italian) per person
Rental price for a GPS device for the duration of the treasure hunt: € 15.00 per device
The treasure hunt can also be carried out using Google Maps on the smartphone

Minimum number of participants: min. 2 and max. 30 people in total / max. 6 people per team