Ruck & Lahti City

Ruck (walk with a backpack) around city center, "Linden"-tra

Available in Finnish, English, Swedish and Italian
4 hours
6 spots per experience

What are we going to do

Rucking (walking with a backpack, and maybe some extra weight) is the best cardio workout. And simple. In under four hours, you get to go aroung Lahti city center, see it from nature's own rooftops (hills). We follow "Linden"-trail (Tilia in latin). Market place, City hall, Radio hill, Ski stadium, harbour, parks and forest. you'll hear bits and pieces of history, and stories behing places. Trail is about 13 km / 8 miles, mixed paved ways, gravel and forest trails.

During your stay in Lahti, get outside, hit the hills around Lahti, it will be a good relaxing ruck march, 4-in-1! (ecological sightseeing, cardio, relaxing in nature, history).

About Timo - the Doer

Rucking is cardio for those who hate running. That's me! I like exercising in outdoors, and rucking is my thing. I do urban areas, semi-urban and trails in the forest.


You need walking shoes (sneakers, hiking shoes), water 0,5 - 1 litres, some snacks for energy. Clothing according weather. Rucksack and extra weight. You can bring hiking / nordic poles, they help in steep hills.