Garden Seasons:Winter

SnowFun in garden. Snow Castles and Snowmen, IceArt

Available in Finnish and English
2 hours
16 spots per experience
December - March

What are we going to do

Enjoying the four seasons of the Garden.

Now the winter and snow. Making snow castles and snowmen together. Play with snow. Making Ice art by combining icy water with things from Garden.

The place is our home garden, Tammiportti, Garden Villa, where we are organizing different activities during the season. (Summer season is flower arrangements from plants, drawing and painting the garden flowers, chickens).

It´s outdoor activity, so I would be great if You have good winter clothes, shoes and cloves, but in case You don´t have those, we can borrow You some.

It will be great fun for group of 2 to 12 persons. Great possibility to offer You kids winter wonderland fun. Fresh outdoor day, with some inspiration.

About Riikka - the Doer

I just love snow, always have. And I have played with it my whole life. I wish, that all, both adults and kids can play with it, enjoy it, create sculptures and artworks of this. One flake is the most beautiful thing in the world and lot of it is a natural playground.

You just need space like our Garden, snow and playful mind.


Winter boots and clothes would be ideal, but in case You don´t have them with, we can borrow.