First time on cross-country skis with professional sport-coach

Ski traditionally across the forests

Available in Finnish, English and French
1 hour 30 minutes
6 spots per experience
December - March

What are we going to do

Cross country skiing is a winterfun sport across forest nature. Professional level sport coach will guide Your first steps. The coach will choose the equipment, wax the skis and then coach the technique and show the way so You can really enjoy the first steps on snowy tracks across the forest.

The Base Camp will be our Garden Villa home, Riihelänkatu 28, Lahti. From there we walk to nearby skiing tracks at Hennala. If skiers are ready for more demanding tracks we will go to Lahti Sport Center and ski along the Salpausselkä Ridge skitrails.

You need clothes that keeps You warm outdoors, put not too hot. Skiing is a sport that keeps You warm, like jogging. We arrange Your boots, waxed skis and poles. You can do the classic style skiing or skating style. That (and shoe sizes and your height) we need to know in advance to choose the right equipment.

The coaches Jouni Kähkönen and Riikka Salokannel are former athletes for Nordic Combined (Cross country skiing and ski jumping) and Biathlon (Cross country skiing with rifle shooting). Jouni is also a professional coach who have coached in Finland, France and Canada.

About Riikka - the Doer

We are a couple of former athletes. Jouni was a Nordic Combined athlete and Riikka was the first female biathlon athlete in Finland. Years ago. We competed at national and international level. Jouni is also a professional coach of high performance athletes. Since kids we have skied cross country skiing. It´s fun thing to do and be there in the nature, in snowy forests. But it´s not fun if You don´t have good equipment, well waxed skis (it really depends on temperature, and snow quality, that varies on daily bases) and some ideas, how to ski. We have had several friends with us doing their first x-country skiing steps in Finland, and we are happy to take You there too.


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