Walking with Lady Starck in Kristiinankaupunki

Guided walk in the town center min 4 persons.

Kristinestad, Finland
Available in Finnish, English and Swedish
1 hour 30 minutes
25 spots per experience
Regular price: 15 €
Children: 10 €

What are we going to do

Come and enjoy a walk in Kristiinankaupunki with seacaptain Starcks wife. Lady Starck will tell you about maritime history, in the 19th century.
She will tell you about the towns history, her family and gossip about her friends life.
The tour includes about ten stops and some dramatized shares.

Larger groups can agree on a package price.


Dress according to the weather. Use comfortable shoes.




Oli tosi kiinnostunut ja iloinen ryhmä. Heitä oli aivan ihana opastaa. Monta naurua ja kysymystä jotka saivat vastauksen. Nautin tästä opastuksesta todella paljon.

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