Guided Fishing

Fishing Experiences In Beautyful Waters

Kontiolahti, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
6 hours
5 spots per experience
May - November
Regular price: 89 €
Children: 89 €

What are we going to do

Perch Fishing

We offer guided fishing tours on Lake Höytiäinen which provide you the opportunity to cast for perch. Our experienced fishing guides find the spots where the fish are most likely to bite and assist you in choosing and using the best possible equipment for successful casting.

Casting is all about accuracy, as you are targeting a certain type of fish – in this case perch. Perch is the most common and the most loved fish in our waters, and it provides varying challenges to anglers depending on the season and the type of water. Thus, for successful casting anglers usually require a solid knowledge of the fishing ground and proper gear selection based on the targeted fish. This is something our knowledgeable fishing guides have years of experience on.

Luckily, the European perch, which is the national fish of Finland, is also one of our tastier fishes, which means that skilled anglers can look forward to a tasty meal after their trip.

During the day we can land on the historic islands of Höytiäinen to dine and get to know the nature of the area. On request, we can also prepare a delicious meal package on excursions.

About Tero - the Doer

I started fishing when I was young. Fishing has given me great experiences, taught me patience, knowledge of nature, responsibility and respect for nature. Fishing relieves stress and helps you helps to cope with hectic everyday life

The diversity of fishing is one of the finest things in fishing. Each has its own form of fishing. For others, active fishing gives a sense of excitement as the target fish can be seen in real time on the Sonar screen thanks to modern electronics and even get to see the fish Strike the Lure. For those who want to enjoy being relaxed by the water with a snack, perhaps trolling is for them.

There is always something new to experience in fishing. This is the reason why I always get excited about fishing again and again


Not anything special requirement. Onlybbclothing according to the weather

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