Huuhkaja Hike

Sensory exploration on a guided tour in North-Karelian natur

Kontiolahti, Finland
Available in Finnish, English and German
5 hours
20 spots per experience
May - October

What are we going to do

Huuhkaja hike takes you on a journey through inner and outer landscapes. Rocky paths, old trees and autumn colours invite to slow down, to witness the changing of the seasons, and to engage the senses. Along the trail, your guides offer you opportunities to be still and to notice, to reflect and to share, to wonder and to imagine. The hike involves a series of mindfulness practices, enriched with stories of Finnish mythology and with facts about the diverse Finnish nature. Exercises are held alone, in pairs, or with the whole group.

The group will gather at Kiviniemi, near to the Koli National Park. The trail length
is approximately 4km and its level is moderate. All you need for it is a basic condition
and a curious mind. During the break at the campfire we offer coffee/tea, traditional karelian pie and tasty, grilled apple.

After booking you will receive more precise info about the event. For questions,
please contact us. Welcome!

Your guides are Evelyn Enters and Sonja Linnala. We speak English, German and Finnish.

About Sonja - the Doer

We are old friends and we enjoy working in nature together.

Huuhkaja Hike has been born during our wilderness school studies in the springtime 2023.


Basic condition and clothing and shoes/boots that keep you warm and dry during the day.

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