DREAMS & LULLABIES-retreat. Koli National Park 26.-27.3.2022

We will sing lullabies, sleep and interpret our dreams

Kolin Keidas, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
30 hours
11 spots per experience

What are we going to do

Welcome to Kolinkeidas at the heart of Koli National Park just a short walk from the famous Ukko, Akka and Paha Koli - to sing and learn lullabies and enter the magical world of 100 years old house of Kolinkeidas.

During two days of the retreat (26.-27.3.2022) we will sing lullabies, practice our dreaming skills and interpret our dreams. Saturday is dedicated to the lullabies. We will sing together, but also we will just to listen to the lullabies and rest. We also hear about the mythical background of the lullabies and meaning of their lyrics.

On Sunday we unfold and interpret the symbolic language of dreams by drawing and writing them. We bring out the meaning of our dreams and help them to guide our lives. We use the methods of Jungian dreamwork.

On Saturday, we cook dinner and heat the wood-heated sauna together and sing while working. We make the sauna warm with the traditional words of löyly, the sauna steam.

The leader of the retreat is Eero Peltonen, a myth and dream expert from Joensuu, North Karelia. He has directed several dream groups and written articles on the symbolism and meaning of dreams. The lullabies take the listener to the land of dreams. They comfort and nurture, and help to enter the mythical world.

Participation in the retreat does not require previous experience in singing or dreamwork. An open and curious mind is quite enough. We don’t pay attention to the singing technique, we just let the songs lull us into a peaceful and dreamlike state.

The retreat is only for 11 participants, so be ready to sign up as soon as something inside you invites you to enter the bridge of songs and dreams.

10 The retreat starts. Introducing ourselves and our wishes
12 Lunch
13.30 Lullaby relaxation and singing. The mythic background of lullabies
15 Coffee
15.30 Singing lullabies. Making dinner together and singing cooking songs.
18 Dinner
19.30 Sauna
21.30 A moment for lullabies before sleeping

8.30 Breakfast
9.30 The dreams from the night, symbols and archetypes
12 Lunch
13.30 Jungian dreamwork; an exercise and sharing of experiences
15 Coffee
15.30 Discussion and feedback, lullaby relaxation and farewell lullabies
17 The retreat finishes

Here you pay 110 € for the programme only. To book accommodation write to kolinkeidas@gmail.com. You will pay another 110 € at the beginning of the workshop. The fee includes meals, accommodation (in shared rooms), sheets, towel and sauna. So you will pay 220 € for the whole retreat.

Information of the retreat place and how to get there: https://kolinkeidas.com/en/contact-us/

About Eero - the Doer

My history as a performer and teacher of wellbeing reaches back over 30 years. Working with voice has always been a central part of my life. I have been singing in choirs and folk music groups, and these days I perform mainly as a solo artist. Lullabies are close to my heart and I often fall asleep by listening to lullabies. And I love to sing and teach them. And dreams are the guiding light of my life. I have written articles about them and have given several lectures and workshops on dreams. Now it was a great insight to understand that I could integrate lullabies and dreams.

Dreams play a central role in my life. Every few years I have big dreams that form a solid base for my future and intentions. My approach for unfolding the dream wisdom comes from my Jungian-based studies in Switzerland and United States.

It was a great insight when I got the insight to have a retreat where we sing lullabies, go to sleep and dream, wake up and work with the dreams we from the night.


A notebook and something to draw and write with.