Hustling and buzzing!

Minttu Heimovirta tells about the sex lives of animals

Kolari, Finland
Available in Finnish
1 hour
1 spots per experience

What are we going to do

Minttu Heimovirta reveals the worst relationship makers, sex cheats, ever-singles and eternally loyal people in Finnish nature. Sex, i.e. sexual reproduction, has been the key to success in evolution and that is why most plants and animals prefer it. Why is sex the winner's choice? During the evening, entertaining true stories about Finnish nature will be heard. Did you know that earthworms visit each other's burrows before indulging in sex? Or that even beavers have a midlife crisis? The annoying whining of mosquitoes is of course also related to sex, and the song of birds is basically just about reproductive desires. Among the fish, there is a species that uses the sperm of other species for its own reproduction. The master of sexless reproduction is the aspen, from which the good old resurrection succeeds. The real stories of nature are much more wonderful, strange and fun than made-up fables.

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