Say "hello" to a horse -Adults lesson

Learn grooming and horseback riding!

Kitee, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
1 hour 30 minutes
4 spots per experience

What are we going to do

Before the riding, a guide will teach you to treat and equip a horse. Suitable for adults with little or no experience with horses.

About Hepovaaran hyvinvointitila - the Doer

At Hepovaaran hyvinvointitila we want to share our customers the joy of being with horses in such many ways; not only horseback riding or carriage driving but also taking care of them, ground working, meditating with them and learning from them in various ways.
We started having trail riding treks in 2009 and our journey 'till today has led us having more and more horse-friendly ways of working and also more emphasis on easygoing mindfulness based services for our customers.
The welfare of both the human and the equine is what keeps us going and updating our skills all the time.


Trekking pants, clothing according to weather, hiking shoes

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