Learn Finnish in 30 minutes

Finnish for beginners! No prior knowledge is required.

Available in Finnish, English and German
30 minutes
2 spots per experience

What are we going to do

Have you always wanted to learn Finnish? They say it's one of the most difficult languages in the world – check it out with a private online lesson and see if you agree or not!

This 30 minute quick course will give you a taste of the language. You will learn the basic expressions for everyday life. No prior knowledge is required, we will start from the very beginning.

The course is perfect for you:
- if you are planning a vacation in Finland
- if you want to surprise your Finnish friends with new language skills (they will love it)
- if you are thinking about a longer language course but want to have a quick taste before the decision

As this is a private lesson, please let me know if there are any specific things you'd like to learn and we'll tailor the lesson for your needs.

The quick course is available in English and German. You'll get the course material as pdf afterwards.

About Riikka Krenn - the Doer

Hi! My name is Riikka and I'm a marketing & communications professional who loves to travel and see the world. I lived in Central Europe for ten years, but now I've been back in Finland for a while and to the surprise of all who know me, settled down in a small town in the countryside near Helsinki. During my time in Germany I used to teach Finnish in a private language school for some years, so even though I don't work as a teacher at the moment, this is something I'm very experienced at and I'm sure we'll have an efficient half an hour together. The lessons are available in English and German.


The lesson will be held using Google Meet.