Rent snowshoes

Rent snowshoes for winter fun

Kilpisjärvi, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
24 hours
1 spots per experience
December - May
Regular price: 20 €
Children: 10 €

What are we going to do

We rent out adult snowshoes 20€ / day and children snowshoes 10€ / day

About Gareth - the Doer

I have been exploring and working in the outdoors for the past 20 years. Originally from New Zealand where I worked as an outdoor educator, I have been living in Finland for the past 10 years. I love getting people outdoors on their own little adventures. I don't like to have a set plan for my trips but decide based on the weather, group and how adventurous people want to be. I try to aim for the right level of challenge so you feel like you've been on an adventure, but no so difficult you never want to go outside again!

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