Dog sledding Kilpisjärvi

Drive a team of huskies with a view of Saana fell!

Kilpisjärvi, Finland
Available in Finnish, English and German
1 hour 30 minutes
5 spots per experience
April - May
Regular price: 95 €
Children: 50 €

What are we going to do

Join us for 8km of dog sledding through the formidable terrain of Kilpisjärvi!

After a quick intro to the dogs, you will be given detailed sleigh driving instructions. Once you feel prepared, we will head out on safari. The beginning of the route has a few exciting twists and turns, so get ready for an adventure!

Half-way through the tour, we will stop for a break to give the dogs a quick rest, swap drivers, and get some pictures. From this point on, the track is smooth and open, providing a great view of the famous Saana fell.

Once we get back, you can help bring your dogs back to their homes. At the same time we'll tell you about each individual, how they're cared for, and what makes a great sled dog.

- We do not provide winter gear, so please come with appropriate outer clothing and boots. We also recommend goggles on windy days.
- Two people generally share one sleigh, send us a private enquiry if you don't want to drive or prefer your own team of dogs.

About Hetta Huskies - the Doer

Hetta Huskies is a wonderful family-run husky farm based in Finnish Lapland, 220km inside the Arctic Circle. The owners, Pasi and Anna are former professional athletes and explorers. The guides who will take you through this experience come from an extremely wide range of background and nationalities, all with one similarity: a great passion for their dogs!

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