Microadventure off the beaten track

Experience the real wilderness outside of the trails

Kilpisjärvi, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
48 hours
4 spots per experience
June - October

What are we going to do

Join us for a two-day trip to the open fells where you see other people only rarely but possibly even more wildlife. We start our trip from Kilpisjärvi from where we have a short transport to the point where we start our hike. This hike has somewhat challenging beginning since we need to hike upwards for approximately 7km to reach the beautiful open fell highlands. We have a lunch on the way and breaks as much as needed to have snacks, take photos and listen to the surrounding silence of the pristine nature. Later we arrive to a picturesque mountain lake where we build our camp. There is also an open hut to be used for service if needed. We can fish by the lake and even though we are not real fishing guides we can help you to get started with fishing permits etc. In the evening we can make a fire and eat a dinner together while sharing stories from the arctic. The next morning after the breakfast we start heading back towards the civilization, having lunch on away and other breaks as needed.

With a guide you can learn about the arctic nature, it’s animals and flora, climate and how it is changing. You will hear about life in the
region, both today and in the past. Our guides live in the area all year around, so they know these routes and terrains as their backyard. If you want, your guide can teach you some basics of map reading, fire making and other basic survival skills. You can take part in everything on this trip.

What's included?
The price includes a complete adventure for the whole group; maximum 4 adults (people over 14 years). If your group is bigger than this, an extra charge of 50€ applies per any extra person over 14 years of age.
2x Lunch
1x Dinner
1x Breakfast
Small snack and hot drink
Experienced guide leading this private adventure, 2 days and one night
All camping gear for 4-5 people
Transport from Kilpisjärvi to the start of the trail

Included in all our tours: photos taken by your guide, VATs, banking fees, service charges, fair pay to your guide, payments to Metsähallitus or Troms Turlag for the use of their facilities.

About Gareth - the Doer

I have been exploring and working in the outdoors for the past 20 years. Originally from New Zealand where I worked as an outdoor educator, I have been living in Finland for the past 10 years. I love getting people outdoors on their own little adventures. I don't like to have a set plan for my trips but decide based on the weather, group and how adventurous people want to be. I try to aim for the right level of challenge so you feel like you've been on an adventure, but no so difficult you never want to go outside again!


What do I need to bring?
-water bottle / warm drink
-your own snacks
-good shoes
-rain and windproof clothing (tour will not run in very heavy rain)
-cloths to change in the evening
-liner for a sleeping bag
-mosquito repellent if you wish

Travel insurance is not included. You should check that your insurance covers this type of activity. You also need to have your personal outdoor clothes with you. If you need anything extra, we might be able to rent you some clothes.

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