Cow cuddling

Brush, pet and snuggle with cows, horses, sheep and bunnies

Keuruu, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
1 hour 15 minutes
20 spots per experience
May - August
Regular price: 12 €
Children: 12 €
Group discounts available

What are we going to do

Cuddling a cow <3 At Villa Herttala, there resides a whole group of the world's cutest animal friends, such as the endangered Finnish cow lady Hertta, the Finnish horse foal Lyyra, the bunnies Hippu and Hoppu, and the Finnish sheep Kaneli, Sokeri, Pumpuli, and Hattara, along with their 1-year-old lambs. Additionally, the Herttala animal gang includes the mouse cat Suzuki and Rooster Koo with his harem of hens.

Do you know who among Herttala's animal friends is truly rare, even endangered? Would you like to meet this quirky rarity - the Finnish cow lady Hertta and her calf grandmother - and hear how and why Finnish cows are protected?

Or perhaps you'd like to get to know more about the undisputed animal hero of Finnish military history, the Finnish horse? The Finnish horses at Herttala are Finnish horses at their best - honest, determined, reliable, and with big personalities. Since they are also curious, they would be more than happy to greet you from petting distance!

Or maybe you're interested in a grazing encounter with a genuine flock of sheep? The leader of the herd, Kaneli, loves scratches (and dry bread) and will surely not get tired of either of those anytime soon. And let's not forget about our cuddly (and huggable) bunnies Hippu and Hoppu, the mouse cat Suzuki, and the incredibly brave Rooster Koo with his harem. The bunnies might enjoy some carrots, and we could find an egg in the chicken coop!

Join us in the summer with Herttala's animal friends, and you'll get to learn more about their inner lives. On a guided tour lasting about 60 minutes, you'll have the opportunity to pet, feed, and care for the animals together with a Herttala guide.

About Marjaana - the Doer

Rahikkala Farm is located in the village of Ampiala in Keuruu, Asunta, and holds significant importance in the local history of the region. It is one of the oldest ancestral farms in Keuruu and is situated at the heart of historical events dating back to the Russian occupation period of the 18th century, known as the Great Northern War.

The first mentions of Rahikkala date back to the 17th century, over 300 years ago. The farm practiced agriculture until the 1980s. At that time, the previous owner of the farm, Sisko Ruokolainen, decided to transition from farming as she grew older and developed a new business opportunity: rural tourism. The farm offered accommodation and event venues for various family and corporate celebrations. As the number of visitors increased, cottages were built in the courtyard, and the old outbuildings were renovated into lodging facilities. In 1985, the farm was converted into a company to facilitate the tourism operations.

Currently, Rahikkala Farm's vision is to be a haven of peace. The farm provides an opportunity to embrace the simplicity of life, cherish friendships, and enjoy the surrounding nature. Towards the end of 2019, the company received a new board of directors who decided to revitalize tourism activities. The new chapter of Rahikkala revolves around tourism, campsite and conference facilities, and the cultural farm Villa Herttala.

Rahikkala Farm is an agricultural estate surrounded by water, forests, and fields - a welcome invitation to create your own story in the midst of nature.

Herttala is established in the old granary of the farm, which itself is already a sight to behold with its sturdy log walls and 19th-century grain oven.

At Herttala, we cherish the simple yet functional teachings, good values, and attitudes of traditional rural life. We love the countryside and the nature that surrounds us, and we strive to protect our environment to the best of our abilities. Herttala aims to be a source of joy, happiness, and comfort - a place where even a casual visitor can enjoy life's simple pleasures amidst the hustle and bustle of the world.

In Herttala, you'll find a group of the world's cutest animal friends, such as the Finnish cow lady Hertta, the Finnish horse foal Lyyra, the loving Finnish sheep lady Kaneli, the bunny duo Hippu and Hoppu, the barn cat Suzuki, and Rooster Koo with his harem of hens.

Our animal friends at Herttala are available for visitors to pet, cuddle, and care for. At the same time, visitors can learn various aspects of our animal friends' inner lives

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No prior experience with animals is necessary and participants are simply asked to wear closed-toe shoes.

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