Jet Ski safari

Drive Jet Ski in front of Vihiluoto and Kempele Gulf

Kempele, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
4 hours
10 spots per experience
May - September

What are we going to do

Rent a Jet Ski from Vihiluoto, Kempele. Meet the guide who shows how to use the Jet safely. Life jackets and all other equipment are included to the price. Drive around the Kempele Gulf and enjoy the speed and the sea.

Ask also other times for rental services.

About Oulu Power Sport - the Doer

Oulu Power Sport is a local company from Vihiluoto, who rents Jet Skis, snowmobiles, boats and other equipment for active hobbies.


The person, who rents the Jet Ski, must be an adult over 18 years.