From Kaustinen's heart – Tallari concert and traditional meal

From Kaustinen's heart – Tallari concert and traditional mea

Kaustinen, Finland
Available in Finnish, English and Swedish
1 hour 15 minutes
50 spots per experience

What are we going to do

Enjoy the famous music tradition of Kaustinen with your group in the beautifully atmospheric Pelimannitalo (Folk Musicians' House). The charm of the sturdy log house from the early 19th century provides the perfect setting for listening to musicians playing and telling stories, from yesteryears’ wedding music and legendary Kaustinen folk music composer Konsta Jylhä all the way to the living music tradition in the modern-day Kaustinen.

After the half-hour concert you will enjoy a traditional local dish "cheese stew", a surprising and delicious combination of thickened meat soup and rustic-style mild cheese. The meal is finished with a good cup of coffee with the traditional local pastry "krenikka".

About Tallari - the Doer

The Kaustinen-based folk music group Tallari has carried the torch of Finnish folk music for no less than 35 years. The group has a repertoire of hundreds of tunes that are performed with a brilliance created through thousands of concerts. Many of groups' current members have got the Kaustinen music tradition in mother's milk. The dinner concert is given by 2-3 members of the group.

More information on Tallari:


Price 29 €/person, minimum charge 450 €. For groups over 25 persons 27 €/person. The meal is non-lactosis and non-gluten. A non-meat (vegan) meal option can be arranged.

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