Tentsile Experience Grelsböle's farm

Assembled in a tent, collected in campfire strings...

Available in Finnish
21 hours
4 spots per experience
June - September
79€ / person
69€ / children

What are we going to do

Trekking trip to the Tentsilemäki. Take the excursion, the water and the tentsile tent and go for a day's hike to Tentsimäki. Walk a kilometer to Tentsilemäki. Looking for the trees to which you will be staying at Tentsile. Collect small ticks that are needed to make campfire and cook food. In the evening, you can go hiking swimming on the sea. About 600 meters away. Good night in the sunshine. In the morning, you prepare a lava bite with breakfast koffee tea or cocoa. In Tentsilemäki is 6 other accommodations, loft, eco toilet. No electricity or water. Tentsilemäki has 6 other tents, open canopy and eco toilet.

About Mischa - the Doer

I'm 10 years have been a farm. I like nature, sail, ski, hike and cook. I am, therefore, farm entrepreneur, the cook, the seller and accommodation entrepreneur. I have my own forest and the sea. Our low carbon footprint is important. I have also taught young people how to navigate the woods. I want you to experience an easy experience with your friend or family.Excursion price includes food, drink, overnight and guidance


good shoes, swimsuit, warm clothes, own sleeping bag. if it rains water, rain will settle. The sleeping bag can also be rented from us.