Meeting at the holiday house

Have a relaxed meeting with your own team.

Kalajoki, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
8 hours
10 spots per experience

What are we going to do

Have a relaxed meeting with your own team. Accommodate & have a meeting in a spacious upscaled holiday house. We`ll deliver meeting equipment and catering services to the holiday house. After a meeting day, warm up the sauna and enjoy maritime activities!

Package includes:
* one night stay in a spacious holiday house
* meeting equipment (video projector, screen, flip chart, marker pen)
* catering breakfast: omelettes, bacon, wieners, bread and tablespreads, salad, cucumber, fruits, orange and apple juice, coffee/tea, pastries
* lunch: chicken/vegetable soup lunch, bread, tablespreads, refreshments
* linen/towels delivered or made into beds and final cleaning

About Kalajoki Booking Centre - the Doer

Kalajoki Booking Centre has the largest and most diverse selection of high quality accommodation in Kalajoki with some 300 accommodation destinations and 1500 beds for you to choose from

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