The arctic sauna on frozen Lake Oulujärvi

Relaxing on the frozen lake under the billion stars

Kajaani, Finland
Available in Finnish
2 hours
4 spots per experience
January - April

What are we going to do

On the ice of an arctic Lake Oulujärvi under millions of stars, you can experience something unforgettable!

Sometimes you can even admire the blazing colours of the northern lights.

Take the warm-up with gentle steams of sled sauna bench.

Next could be a dip in cold tub and its fresh and rushing water. Did you know that going in the cold water has been found to increase the secretion of pleasure hormones and decrease stress hormones!

Sauna experience can be perfectly expanded with a brisk snowshoe or ski trip in the nearby forest or even on the magnificent Ärjä island.

We can add hot water tub to this program with price of 200€/group.

You can arrive with your own car, or we can arrange the transportation for you.


About Luonnollisesti Oulujärvi Oy - the Doer

Our common story starts from the Lauttasaari bridge in August 1994. Vesa had the first marathon of his life and Kaisa had the third… Our common life marathon runs through Atlanta to the shores of Lake Oulujärvi.

We founded the company in 2006 because we wanted to offer people the opportunity to get to know the nature of Kainuu and especially Oulujärvi and Ärjänsaari, even if we don't have our own boat.
Our business started as a hobby, but over the years it has grown into a profitable business.

Kaisa and Vesa both have education in the field of tourism and healthcare, and Vesa also has the education of a military officer. Kaisa has 15 years of work experience in the healthcare industry and Vesa has almost 30 years of experience as a field medicine trainer and working in several peacekeeping positions.

We have been operating as a surrogate and support family since 2007.

Dogs are also part of our family. At the moment, our family has three East Siberian laikas, two Bretons and one Finnish pitzt.

We breed dogs under the name of Tyrskyranta kennel.

Upcoming events

For private groups exclusively from 100€

For private groups exclusively from 100€

For private groups exclusively from 100€

For private groups exclusively from 100€

For private groups exclusively from 100€


Bath towel, water sports slippers or sandals are necessary equipment for moving around on the ice. Swimming suit.




Kiitos, oli tosi kiva saunakokemus.
Luonnollisesti Oulujärvi Oy Luonnollisesti Oulujärvi Oy Kiva kuulla, että nautitte hieman erilaisesta saunastamme!😍

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