Forest Lolling trip

Relaxing Forest Lolling Excursion with a wood breathing guid

Kajaani, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
1 hour
20 spots per experience
May - October

What are we going to do

You don't of need more than hiking in the woods to create well-being in most of us. But what happens when, before going into the woods, we tune to the right "forest frequency" and learn to breathe with the trees ...

During the trip, under the guidance of a wood breathing instructor, we will learn about a technique that allows for quick deep relaxation and refreshes the mind.

The excursion can take place at the place desired by the customer or, for example, in Ärjänsaari- island.


About Luonnollisesti Oulujärvi Ky - the Doer

We are active persons and we enjoy greatly nature outdoor activities.
Our mission is to help people find the diverse leisure opportunities offered by Lake Oulujärvi and get to enjoy them safely while respecting nature.


Participating in the trip does not require anything special.




Ystävällinen ja sujuva palvelu, venematka oli helppo varata :)


Sujuva matkan osto nettikaupasta. Hyvä ja turvallinen kyyti edestakaisin, ystävällinen henkilökunta. Kioskikin Ärjässä toiminnassa. Täysi kymppi kokonaisuutena!

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