Fatbike Rent

For independent adventures for an ecological exercise...

Kajaani, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
2 hours
4 spots per experience

What are we going to do

Fatbike is a bicycle with thick tires. Thanks to the low air pressure of the tires, it is possible to drive in soft and unstable terrain.

The Ärjänsaari rental point provides direct access to the challenging path around the island (10Km) or easier routes that run through the central part of the island but lead to the most beautiful viewpoints on the island.

From our mainland rental point you can reach forest roads.

We can also take the bikes to the starting point you want. We charge 1 € / km for transportation.

Rental prices:
30€ / 2h
5€ / extra hours
80€ / 24h
50€ / extra 24h

Our bike models are

2 x X-Treme Titan, full-sprunged fatbike 26x4"
(ideal for cyclist 160-185cm of height and maximum weight of 85kg)

2x X-Treme Classic, fatbike 26x4" front sprunged
(ideal for cyclist 160-185cm of height and maximum weight of 120kg)


About Luonnollisesti Oulujärvi Oy - the Doer

Our common story starts from the Lauttasaari bridge in August 1994. Vesa had the first marathon of his life and Kaisa had the third… Our common life marathon runs through Atlanta to the shores of Lake Oulujärvi.

We founded the company in 2006 because we wanted to offer people the opportunity to get to know the nature of Kainuu and especially Oulujärvi and Ärjänsaari, even if we don't have our own boat.
Our business started as a hobby, but over the years it has grown into a profitable business.

Kaisa and Vesa both have education in the field of tourism and healthcare, and Vesa also has the education of a military officer. Kaisa has 15 years of work experience in the healthcare industry and Vesa has almost 30 years of experience as a field medicine trainer and working in several peacekeeping positions.

We have been operating as a surrogate and support family since 2007.

Dogs are also part of our family. At the moment, our family has three East Siberian laikas, two Bretons and one Finnish pitzt.

We breed dogs under the name of Tyrskyranta kennel.


Please note that the renter is responsible for the bike he / she rents.

The customer is good to have their own drink bottle and backpack as well as outdoor equipment in accordance with the weather.

Bicycle rental includes a helmet and lock.




Hieno kokemus! Oli kiva päästä uimaan saaren molemmille puolille ja sauna oli hyvä. Kiitos paljon!


Toinen kerta Ärjän löylyissä, ja lisää kertoja tulee... Tilava sauna, jossa äärettömän pehmeät löylyt. Ja lankkupolkua pitkin uimaan...


Hieno kohde, maineensa veroinen! Kovasta tuulesta huolimatta taitava kippari kuljetti meidät turvallisesti saarelle ja takaisin. Pieni pettymys oli kun kahvila saarella ei ollut enää auki. Täytyi pärjätä niukoilla eväillä. Hieno patikkapolku saaren ympäri tuli tehtyä ja sai nähdä monenlaisia luonnon ihmeitä.


Asiantuntevaa, mutta leppoista palvelua. Turvallinen venekyyti ja mukava kuski. 😊

Itse Ärjä monipuolisine harrastusmahdollisuuksineen on hieno ja mieleenpainuva paikka. Ilma oli loistava ja seura parasta. ❤️


On 17th of August by 25degrees & sunshine we started out Day trip to Ärjansaari for the first time. We were picked up by boat and got first informations about the Island! Such an interesting history and now free for everyone to enjoy!

Laying on sandy beach, watching the sea like lake Oulunjärvi, bathing in warm water. No words!

After that we went on and walked the forest trails ~6km, wondering the beautiful nature and children combined it with geocaching. 5hrs was perfect time. 5 Stars! We would definitely want to come back someday - thank you for your great service!

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