Outdoor family yoga

Outdoor family yoga

Jyväskylä, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
1 hour
10 spots per experience
May - September
Regular price: 30 €
Children: 20 €

What are we going to do

Yoga for families for example in our backyard, forest, next to a lake or a park. Let's take imaginary yoga journey to a farm or treasure hunt. In family yoga children and parents do yoga together. The yoga session is based on fairytales, imagination and play. Family yoga improves relaxation, concentration, creativity and inspires to move as you desire. Family yoga is a wonderful moment between a child and a parent and it deepens the connection between them. Remember, everybody is perfect as they are! <3 After the class we'll have a small taste of traditional Finnish pastry.

About Sanna - the Doer

I have worked in kindergardens as a teacher (bachelors degree in early childhood education) for almost 15 years. I have enjoyed yoga as a hobby over five years. I attended to children's and families yoga instructor course during spring 2018. At this moment I am studying to become certified children´s and youth´s yoga instructor. It is wonderful to instruct children to calm down and seize the moment in this hectic and busy world when children are having high pressure in achieving goals, for example in hobbies and in school. In children's and family yoga everybody is important and perfect as they are. <3


You need to have comfortable clothes. We do yoga without shoes and socks, depending the weather conditions and location. During the winter Finland might be a bit cold so dress warmly.

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