Let`s wash some rugs!

Try the traditional way of washing rugs (Only for groups)

Laukaa, Finland
Available in Finnish, English and German
2 hours
1 spots per experience
June - August

What are we going to do

The Finnish lake landscapes offer you a unique way to experience old traditions of the Finnish way of life. One of these traditions is washing classic rugs with the pure water of the lake. Washing the rugs is more than just cleansing them – it’s all about socializing, spending time in the beautiful nature and enjoying the company of friends or family.

The Finns wash their rugs with pine soap, which is an eco-friendly and organic product. The fresh, unique smell of pine soap of the clean rugs can
be sensed for a long time in the Finnish homes.

Imagine a warm, sunny day at the peaceful lake. While you’re experiencing the authentic Finnish lifestyle, you may also enjoy the day by cooling off at
the refreshing water. Did you know, that the lakes of Finland are one of the cleanest in the world? After you and your host are finished with the rugs,
we can stay relaxing at the lakeside, while listening the calming waves of the lake. As they say, nature does not hurry, yet everything’s accomplished.

Take bathing suite and towel with you!


About Noora - the Doer

Hello! I am Noora, Your Local Host. I want to give you unforgettable experiences and memories during your stay in Finland. I am professional in customer service and I want to give the best personal customer servise ever! I really want that you enjoy your time with me and my family!


Bathing suite and towel, water bottle. Take some extra clothes with, you might get wet!




It was such a good experience ! I loved to bake with Noora, she was really friendly and gave us all her best tips. I liked the fact that we were only two so she could focus on everything we were doing and could guide us during the experience. I will definetly recommand it !


Noora on sparraajana innostava ja kannustava. Auttoi selkeyttämään, mihin minun kannattaa markkinoinnissani panostaa. Sain selkeämmän käsityksen kohderyhmäni löytämiseen. Nooran sparraus antoi positiivista uskoa tekemiseeni. Hän ymmärtää todella hyvin, minkälaisten asioiden kanssa matkailuyrittäjä painiskelee. Sain erinomaisia käytännöllisiä neuvoja.
- Maarit Liljendahl, matkailuopas, yrittäjä
Delicious Crepes and the greatest host. A lovely evening spent with Noora in Laukaa. My highest recommendation!
Lovely experience! If you are looking for something different, if you want to meet local people, learn something about Finland and its culture, Noora's home it's that you are looking for! Marvellous family, great activities as cook Finnish recipes; play Finnish games, and superb experiences at their home and in the surrounding nature! Finland is forest and lakes, gastronomy, culture and sport, but specially Finland is their people, charming and openminded. Lets try to be a Finn during some hours in the amazing Lakeland! Kiitos Paljon!
Noora and her family are great, lovely people!! we've felt like at home. And the experiece of cooking with them, share their table and the sauna experience were amazing. We learn a lot about Finland, and it's beautiful to discover and share their life. We'll recommend it to our friends!! Thanks Noora, Ari, Mauri and Minnie. Kiitos! Gracias! <3

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