Sauna in the middle of the day!

By boat to enjoy soft sauna bath and have a lunch outdoors.

Jyväskylä, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
4 hours
1 spots per experience
July - August

What are we going to do

You are coming to enjoy our Traditional sauna bath in the middle of the day and have delicious vegetable soup lunch outdoors.
Take Satu-ship at Jyväskylä and travel to Nukula’s pier. It will be a time to have relaxing sauna bath. Cool off in Lake Päijänne and loll in a hammock.
After sauna you will have a lunch; home made vegetable soup and coffee (L, G, organic).
You have an opportunity to get known our great environment and visit our summer sheep. They are our sustainable “workers” from Hakamaa Sheep farm.
The Satu-ship will leave from Jyväskylä to Nukula at 9 am. You will be at Nukula quarter to 11 am. The sauna time is two hours. Lunch is served outdoors or in our festive house called Paamiska.
Satu-ship will take you back to Jyväskylä at 3 pm from Nukula. And you will be back at Jyväskylä at 5 pm.
The duration of the experience at Nukula is four hours. Nukula is a sustainable tourism company and therefore, this summer, only a group of friends or people living in the same household (max. six people) can take part in the experience at once. The sauna guard is present during the sauna to help and guide.
Weather reservation: In case of thunderstorms or heavy rain, the sauna will be offered in our Haltia-sauna in the yard.

Attention: The price of our experience is 250 € whether the number of participants is 1 or 6.

About Hannele - the Doer

Olen Nukulan hengetär, luonnossa paljon aikaa viettävä kaksoispoikien äiti. Olen utelias sekä määrätietoinen ja lähden helposti mukaan uusiin juttuihin. Aiempi urani oli matematiikan, fysiikan ja kemian opettaja Helsingin Norssissa. Rakastin työskennellä lasten ja nuorten parissa ja opettaa juuri näitä aineita. Hilajisuus ja luonto veivät kuitenkin voiton ja nyt nautin suunnattomasti saadessani käyttää pedagogisia kykyjäni asiakkaiden kanssa.

Minulla on kaksoistutkinto Helsingin yliopistosta (filosofian maisteri ja kasvatustieteiden tohtori) ja olenkin syvästi kiinnostunut luonnontieteistä sekä jatkuvasta oppimisesta ja itsensä kehittämisestä. Luontohenkisenä olen myös maahisten ja keijujen kasvattama.


Please, bring your own towel and seat cover (peflet) with you. Do you use swimsuit or not, you need to choose with your group members. We recommend that men do not use shorts and women would not have a swimsuit with fluttery hem. The cost of a borrowed towel is 10 €.
Would you, please announce your arrival in advance, the day before, so that the sauna warms up and the soup is completed on time, tel. 040 7038 136.

Satu-ship 40 €/person, return, the ship’s skipper will fund this as you board the ship. Please, come to the pier in Jyväskylä in time to get your place on the ship.

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