Nature trip in Jyväskylä @satunnaisiaretkia

We take a nature trip in nearby nature in Jyväskylä

Jyväskylä, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
2 hours
20 spots per experience
Regular price: 20 €
Children: 5 €

What are we going to do

Are you dreaming of a nature trip? Sense nature around you, experience peace and see the scenery? Face the impact on body and mind?

Even a 10-minute stay in nature has a revitalizing effect, and a two-hour stay in nature revives the body's defense mechanisms. You don't always have to go far, you can see up close and learn from experience, at best you can experience nature.

I want to tell everyone about the empowering effects of nature and the diversity of Central Finnish nature from history to the present day. Sustainable development and consideration for nature conservation are relevant to those who move around in nature, and it is important when you learn to understand the environment. Finland's four seasons are a richness in nature, which we explored during the trip.

Satunnaisiaretkiä 🍀 nature trip

* regional information and history of the nature site
* Central Finnish nature
* Hiker ABC and safety for day trips
* circling the nature trail and stopping in time to explore nature
* Forest mind momentary

You are warmly welcomed, you were new or already used to being a nature walker. Come with me to deepen your nature experience and relationship with nature. On my trips you will learn about day trips and nature as a factor that increases well-being.

I am for you, on guided nature walks you are safe and cared for. As nature always pays attention to us!

About Satunnaisiaretkiä - the Doer


Satunnaisiaretkiä = Satu Riipinen. I was born in Jyväskylä and Central Finnish nature has always been close to me and I especially started hiking as a hobby in 2014.

I graduated in 2019 as a wilderness and nature guide, deepening my knowledge and skills into my important hobby. I work in Jyväskylä as a wilderness and nature guide. Autumn 2020-spring2021 I trained as a regional guide for Central Finland.

For me, the property is to offer locals and tourists day trips. The same 2-hour day trip to Aittovuori can also be tailored to the following nearby destinations:

* Ylistönrinne
* Haukanniemi
* Iso-Haapasaari
* Sippulanniemi
* Väärämäki
* Tourujoki
* Touruvuori
* Keltinmäki
* Säynätsalo
* LUMO-polku Könkkölä

I can be ordered guide for groups as well as private individuals, associations and if you yourself are prevented from producing your already sold nature service: rent a wilderness guide! I also prepare batch food and I specialize as a batch chef with a 25-year-old background in the restaurant industry.

"All paths take you somewhere. It's one thing to choose a path and another thing is whether the path is correct."
(Muk. Paolo Coelho)


You must have personal valid travel and accident insurance.

* Good, sturdy sneakers / hiking boots, preferably long-sleeved
* Regular outerwear
* Pause jacket / blouse (we take a break, which always gets cooler)
* Rain gear / warm spare clothing
* A drinking bottle
* Daypack
* There are no campfire places for your own lunch (eg bread and fruit) along the way
* Do not take pets or alcohol with you
* Walking sticks are a good addition, bring your own!

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