Recover in the forest

Experience the calming influence of Forest Bathing

Jyväskylä, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
1 hour 30 minutes
10 spots per experience
March - November

What are we going to do

Recover in the peace and beauty of the forest safely with me and learn how to use Forest Bathing -method to calm our mind and body.

We will start our Forest Bath from Vuorilampi/Laajavuori. You will meet me at the end of the road that leads to Vuorilampi. In the forest we move slowly while experiencing the forest and our own body with all our senses. We stop to admire the beauty and peace of the forest with different exercises to see, hear and feel the nature and breath in fresh air. We do all of this in silence.

About Pirjo - the Doer

I have lived in Säynätsalo, Kinkovuori fourteen years. The forests have become like a home to me and I love my daily walks in the forest with my dog. The forest to me is a place where I can relax, calm down and heal. The forest is proven to have positive effects for our mental and physical health and in Japan some doctors even give prescriptions for forest baths. Mental health and the things considering it are extremely close to my heart. I am also an official Forest Bathing guide and a Mindfulness guide and teacher.


Minimum of three participants.

Gear needed: Good shoes that are suitable for walking in the forest (forest may be wet or slippery). Warm clothes. At summer time take with you some extra clothes, mosquito spray and a water bottle. At winter time and early spring and late fall warm clothes with many layers, a beanie and warm gloves and a water bottle. We are standing still and may also lie on the mattress awhile. Mattresses are provided by me.

Even thought I will guide you at forest safely, there is still for example a possibility to sprain your ankle etc. So make sure your travel insurance is valid.




Kylläpä oli mahtava pilleri kaamokseen ja väsymykseen kun sai kylpeä metsässä ammattitaitoisessa ja luottamuksellisessa Pirjon ohjauksessa. Mieli ja keho virkistyi. Ihana raukea olo ja hyvä pikku väsymys johtaa pian unten maille. Vahva suositus, metsäkylpy on hieno tapa saada mielelle energiaa❤️

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