Lakeside nature experience

Let the Finnish lakeside nature fascinate you!

Jyväskylä, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
1 hour 30 minutes
4 spots per experience
September - April
Regular price: 25 €
Children: 15 €

What are we going to do

This experience is available on weekends only.

During a short trail walk with me you can simply feel the unique Finnish lakeside through all your senses. We walk slowly at coast line in the cape forest. We let the nature speak to us and we just enjoy.

You can feel the power of nature on stormy weather. Or you can enjoy silence and hear the ripple of lake Lievestuoreenjärvi. You can easily touch the ancient basement, even sit or lie down on it. You can see beautiful colours in the lake sceenery with mountain Hyyppäänvuori.

Every season has it´s specialities. The colours of plants and stormy weather at Autumn even the icing of the lake and first snow at late Autumn. You can even walk on ice at winter. Sometimes you can hear the ice howling in cold spring evenings.

About Tuula - the Doer

I´m a primary school teacher in Laukaa.
I´m living at Lievestuore. I enjoy our pure Finnish nature very much and I love every season. I like picking berries and mushrooms, too. I walk in forest very often. I listen and feel the nature with no hurry. I have noticed that it gives me peace and strength.


Good shoes for hiking, warm clothing, mind the weather. There is often windy!

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